The PLAXPOT plasma treatment is a revolutionary, life-changing procedure for anyone looking to
reduce loose skin & soften wrinkles on the face and body permanently. This medical grade,
machine has a wide range of non-invasive, therapeutic uses without any actual cutting of the
skin, meaning it is able to achieve similar results as surgery but without the stitches or
downtime. The PLAXPOT works on a completely different mechanism of action compared
to laser or electrical arc machines – By generating plasma, it maintains the vitality of the
tissue far better than other methods of skin tightening or rejuvenation. Designed for
comfort with it’s sleek curves, this device allows for absolute precision using
CONTI-PULSE mode, unlike other machines on the market that run solely on a
continuous setting. The PLAXPOT is second to none.

Why is the PLAXPOT Plasma Arc device the top machine in the Industry?

Multiple Plasma Techniques

The Plaxpot can be used in many ways for different levels of skin tightening using 3 changeable heads, blunt probes & arc probe needles.

Two switchable modes

Pulse & Continuous modes allow for ultimate control.

Minimal Recovery Time

The PLAXPOT causes less trauma to the skin than its competitors meaning less downtime.

Easy to Use

The PLAXPOT's design allows for easy application with a collet that fits all probes.

What can the PLAXPOT do?

The PLAXPOT Plasma Arc Device is highly effective in treating so many problem areas and the list continues to grow by the day... Endless possiblities!

Scar rejuvenation

Stretch mark reduction

Pigmentation & sun spots

Mole removal (flat or raised) & Age spots

Reducing wrinkles & Lifting wrinkles

Improving skin ‘sagging’ - Face & body lifting.

Labiaplasty & Breast Lifting

Tattoo removal

Acne Treatment

Collagen producing


Lip Lifting


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Medical professionals,Aestheticians, Permanent Makeup Technicians

The Plasma arc is generated within the device and causes much less trauma deep in the tissues of the body, resulting in less risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation. The electric arc creates plasma as it hits the skin and penetrates deep into the tissues similar to a laser and causes far more damage to the underlying tissues and more risk of hyperpigmentation. The Plaxpot can also be used on FP4-5 whereas the electric arcs should not be used on anyone over FP3 skin type

We offer full comprehensive training with a level 5 certificate

The collet is the tip piece that holds your desired probe firmly in place during treatments.

hydurage.com provides all accessories for the Plaxpot device.

We are also the USA distributors. Please contact us for more information.

The Plaxpot comes with a 2 year warranty.

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